To use the Bikuben Foundation’s application system, you need to log in as a registered user. After you log in and enter your profile information, click on Applications in the top menu to see which types of applications we are currently accepting, and then select Start application. Please make sure you select the proper strategic focus area, as the application forms vary.

Profile information
For security reasons, you will not be able to change the CVR number associated with your application once you have submitted the information about your organisation. If your organisation changes its CVR number, or if you need to add an organisation as a co-applicant, please contactthe Bikuben Foundation.

Initiatives in social affairs and the arts
The Bikuben Foundation has strategic focus areas and special initiatives in social affairs and the arts, and compiling an application is an involved process. We recommend that you read the information on our website carefully to determine whether you qualify for a grant. We also suggest sending us a short e-mail about your initiative before you begin the application process. Read more about contacting the Bikuben Foundation here.

Application rounds 
Please note that some applications must be sent during a specific application period. Applications submitted during application periods must meet certain criteria, and limits are placed on the size of the grant that can be awarded.

Read more about our application rounds:

Grants for initiatives in current performing and visual arts 

Social affairs  

The Bikuben Foundation studio programme   

Vision Exhibition Award

Academic Guest House
We recommend that you familiarise yourself with visa and admission requirements before you begin filling out an application to stay at Academic Guest House.
Ansøgning om plads på Academic Guest House

Is your application fully complete? 
Wait to send your application until you are sure it is as precise and thorough as it can be. Applications are saved as drafts in the system until they are sent. Use as much time as you need to complete your application. If you have questions about how to complete the application and need to contact us, please have your application number ready.
We will contact you if we have any questions about your application.

Your applications

  1. Access your application and send messages / upload files
  • Click on Applications and then select Drafts / applications to get an overview of the applications your organisation is working on or has submitted
  • Access a specific application by clicking on Click here or Edit if it is a draft
  • Write messages (including disbursement requests) and upload files by clicking on Create message / Add file.
  • Use the comment field to send a message or any associated files.
    Applicants are asked to send messages if their initiative changes, including postponement of the start or disbursement dates. The comment field is also used to inform the Bikuben Foundation if your organisation has a new contact person.
  • The Bikuben Foundation employee responsible for your application will receive a notification when you send message or upload a file.
  1. Disbursement
  • In connection with being notified that you have been awarded a grant, you will be asked to complete a disbursement plan indicating whether you want your grant paid out in one lump sum or as instalments. A disbursement plan for the full grant amount should be submitted using the application system before the initiative begins
  • To complete a disbursement plan, find the initiative that has been approved for the grant, click on Disbursement plan and select Complete
  • A disbursement line is created for each disbursement. Indicate the amount and date of the disbursement, as well as a description of any milestones associated with them
  • If you would like to have the grant disbursed in several instalments, please make sure that the sum of all the payments is equal to the amount of the grant
  • It is not possible to change the disbursement plan using the application system once it has been submitted. If you would like to make changes, please contact the Bikuben Foundation using the application system (see above)
  • If you are not sure when you would like the grant disbursed, we ask that you submit a disbursement plan anyway. Disbursement plans can always be adjusted
  • In order for a disbursement to be made, you must submit a request using the application system (see above) several days in advance. The disbursement request message should include the amount of the disbursement indicated in the payment plan and the bank account (reg. no. and account no.) the funds are to be deposited into. Please include a contact person (as well as the person’s title and telephone number). Documentation for agreed terms or milestones must also be attached
  • We always do our best to accommodate disbursement dates. Please be aware, however, that it can take up to seven days to process a payment
  1. Reporting
  • After your initiative draws to a close, you have 12 weeks to submit a final report to the Bikuben Foundation. If an evaluation of your initiative has been completed, please submit that at the same time. To submit a report, click on Reporting and select New report. Fill in all the fields
  1. Accounting
  • To submit accounts, click on the Accounts option for the relevant initiative and select Upload
  • The award letter contains information about accounting requirements. A copy of the award letter can be found in the application folder

Technical issues: 
Other questions: A list of Bikuben Foundation employees and their areas of responsibility is available on the foundation’s website